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Accolated. Two or more portraits facing the same direction and joined at the neck. From the French heraldry term accolle, joined or touching at the neck, side-by-side as in profile. Similar to conjoined and jugate (all facing one way); opposite of vis-a-vis (heads facing each other). In heraldry two shields may appear accolated, implying the joining together, as the shields of a man and wife, or of two families joined in a common venture. The two portraits on the U.S. Long Island Tercentennial commemorative half dollar are accolated. Four portraits of atomic scientists are accolated on The Society of Medallists Issue #83 and a family of immigrants on #94. A head on each side of a numismatic item is termed bijugate. See portraits and portraiture.

CLASS 02.9



Source: D. Wayne Johnson Encyclopedia of Coin and Medal Technology
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