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Jun 22 2019

Eric P. Newman Research Files on Missouri Paper Money

Numismatic researchers tend to collect much more information than they will ever publish, and Eric Newman was no exception. Newman collected information on Missouri paper money beginning in the 1930s, and his files on the subject represent his first foray into original research. The papers show Newman working toward what would have been the standard work on the subject, but this was not to be, so busy was Newman making new discoveries in other areas of numismatics. 

The Missouri files are particularly exciting in that they show Eric, only his in 20s, doing, exceptional work. He studies the legislative history, digs though old newspapers, and visits other collections, in this case preparing a catalog of the Chase National Bank collection in 1934. Newman’s extensive annotations to D. C. Wismer’s 1928 article in the Numismatist are here, as well as the draft of an article Newman never published, “Missouri Laws Regulating Circulating Money.”  One finds also the text of a radio address delivered by Newman on August 13, 1939 (Newman appeared on St. Louis local radio at least twice in the 1930s discussing matters numismatic).

Link to Newman research files on Missouri paper money:

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Jun 12 2019

Early Paper Money of America on Newman Numismatic Portal

Eric P. Newman published five editions Early Paper Money of America, the standard reference for colonial paper money, from 1967 to 2008. The NNP Edition of this work is now available on Newman Portal, and combines Newman’s fifth edition text with thousands of colonial paper money examples from the Newman collection. The web format allows for new features, such as hyperlinks in the Continental Currency section that link to the Journals of the Continental Congress and the legislation corresponding to each issue. Additionally, the sheer volume of images presented here would not be viable in a print format, as earlier editions contained representative images only. 

Newman Portal intends to maintain Early Paper Money of America as a living document and invites edits and additional content from interested researchers and collectors.

Link to Early Paper Money of America on Newman Portal:
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Jun 06 2019

Lianna Spurrier Creates “Odd Denominations” Video

Fourth in a series of videos aimed at young numismatists, Lianna Spurrier’s latest installment discusses odd denominations in the U.S. series, including two-cent, three-cent, and twenty-cent pieces. Spurrier examines the origin of each issue and explores its use in commerce. The themes explored represent a microcosm of 19th century U.S. economics, touching on the financial balance between gold and silver, Washington politics, and the impact of the Civil War on U.S. coinage. Lianna’s work is graphically rich, authoritatively written, and will appeal to numismatists young and old alike.

Link to Lianna Spurrier videos on Newman Portal:
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