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Jun 20 2020

NNP Symposium Attracts Additional Speakers

The NNP Symposium, an online numismatic gathering scheduled for August 28-29, continues to increase its offering of presentations. Speakers added this week include Rob Rodriguez, whose topic is “The Morris 1792 So-Called Silver Center Cent,”  Pierre Fricke, who will speak on collecting Confederate paper money, Charles Morgan, speaking on ways to modernize the current numismatic market, and many others. Symposium attendees will enjoy a wide variety of content on many aspects of numismatics, and, as this is a virtual event, are free to come and go as they please while following their favorite speakers. The NNP Symposium is free, but attendees and speakers must register in order to receive the meeting access codes. We hope to “see” you there!

Link to NNP Symposium registration:
Link to NNP Symposium presentations list:

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Jul 05 2020

Newman Portal Adds Money of the United States

While our scanning machines are inactive due to the epidemic, Newman Portal continues to build a curated numismatic library from various electronic sources. A recent addition is Money of the United States (1942), a 31-page overview of the Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing, published by the Washington Service Bureau. The work is clearly compiled from secondary sources and includes a reproduction of Edwin Lamasure’s iconic image of the first United States Mint, here presented as “Ye Old Mint.”
A Google search locates a description of the Bureau in May 1918, noting it’s charter “…to direct the thousands of persons who arrive daily in Washington…to get to the proper Government department. The bureau will also give information concerning Government activities….” The “information” apparently included publications providing overviews of various government operations, in this case the Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing. If this is the case, this publication acted as somewhat of a visitor’s guide, similar to the popular Evans guides sold by the thousands to Mint visitors in the late 19th century.  

Link to Money of the United States on Newman Portal:
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Jun 24 2020

Davissons Ltd. Auction Sale Catalogs Added to Newman Portal

Davissons, a Cold Spring, MN auction firm, specializes in ancient Greek and Roman coins, in addition to coins, tokens and medals of Great Britain, as well as historic United States and world coins and medals. Allan Davisson is a veteran in the numismatic business, with sales dating back to 1975. Auction sale catalogs of this firm have been added to Newman Portal for the years 2012-2020.  Their most recent sale (E-Auction 35) included ancient coins, British trade tokens, Civil War patriotic tokens, and U.S. type coins.

Included in this sale (lot 231) was an Abraham Lincoln medal from the Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago in 1893. The Robert P. King catalog of Lincolniana appeared in the February 1924 Numismatist, where this medal, engraved by Henry H. Zearing, is cataloged as no. 504. The reverse of this medal quotes from Lincoln’s second inaugural address, which is today inscribed at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Lincoln’s address was equally brief and substantial and well worth contemplating anew in the present time.

Link to Davissons home page:
Link to Davissons auction sale catalogs on Newman Portal:
Link to The Numismatist on Newman Portal:

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