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Early Paper Money of America / Virginia / 1775 July 17 Ordinance Small Size Notes

£350,000 in Treasury Notes redeemable by Jan. 1, 1784 were authorized at the July 17, 1775 Richmond Convention. New designs and different paper were required. Heavy rag paper containing blue fibers was obtained and used. Borders, Arms, and text were separately engraved and combined for printing by William Waddill and by Robert Scot, who later became the first engraver for the first U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. Test proofs of the borders and Arms for the 1s3d and 2s6d have the Arms on the left instead of the right side and have the side borders positioned in the same manner as the May 6, 1776 issue rather than that of this July 17, 1775 issue. There was insufficient paper available to start the emission and at first 1773 Ashby forms were used and then James River Bank forms. Signers were John Burnell, John Dixon, Philip Johnson, Henry King, George Lyne, John H. Norton, William Norvell, John Pendleton, Josiah Parker, Edmund Randolph, and John Tazewell. One signer appears for the two lowest denominations and two signers for the others.

1s3d PISTEREEN misspelled. Text has & [35,692]
1s3d PISTEREEN misspelled. Text has “and”. [35,692]
1s3d Border cuts and Arms only ▷PR◁
2s6d SIXPENCE in one word [35,691]
2s6d “Six Pence” in two words [35,691]
2s6d Border cuts and Arms only ▷PR◁
5s (Crown) [19,091]
7s6d [7,994]
10s (2 Crowns) [7,992]
12s6d [7,993]
20s FOWR CROWNS misspelled in right border [16,674]
£2 (8 Crowns) [16,435]
£3 (12 Crowns) [11,094]

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