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Early Paper Money of America / Delaware / 1746 February 28

£20,000 in Bills of Credit issued pursuant to the Feb. 28, 1746 Act to exchange for prior issues and to continue Loan Office operations. In 1743 a similar authorization had been made but apparently no bills were issued as the Feb. 28, 1746 Act provided for the same action. The faces have English Arms in a rectangular background as well as top and bottom border cuts. Thomas Leech cut the Arms in which he put his name LEECH. The crowns are keyed to the denominations. On the back of the four highest denominations are nature prints and animal cuts, as well as the warning "to counterfeit is DEATH". The backs of the four lowest denominations are blank. Printed by Benjamin Franklin. The signers were William Armstrong, Jno. Bunche, Thomas Clark, John Clowes, and Hugh Durborrow.

1s         Plate letters A & B
18d         Plate letters A & B
2s         Plate letters A & B
2s6d Plate letters A & B
5s         Sea serpents, blackberry leaf
10s         Elephant, assorted leaves ▷CF◁
15s         Horse, sage leaf
20s         Plate letters A & B. Lion, parsley

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