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Early Paper Money of America / New York / 1746 July 21

£40,000 in legal tender Bills of Credit approved on July 15, 1746 for military expense and to be redeemed by Jan. 1757. New border cuts are at the top and serpentine column cuts are on both sides. Arms are on the right side. Warning to counterfeiters was added, but the punctuation was omitted from “Its”. Pound weights were continued to be keyed to denominations. Printed by James Parker. Signers were Isaac DePeyster, Abraham Lynsen, Paul Richard, and Cornelius Van Horne.

10s [1,860]
20s [1,860]
£2 [1,860]
£3 [1,860] ▷CF◁ Very Fine $2,300 Stack’s May, 2004
£5 [1,860]  Extremely Fine $4,025 Stack’s May, 2004
£10 [1,861]
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