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Early Paper Money of America / New York / 1775 August 2, New York City

£2,500 (originally £2,600) in Promissory Notes of the City of New York known as the second Water Works issue, were produced in the same form as the Aug. 25, 1774 issue, but the back of the 8s is dark coarse paper and some of the other denominations have darker backs than faces. The 1s was not issued although 2,000 were authorized, but a proof exists. Signers were George Brewerton, John H. Cruger, Whitehead Hicks, William Waddell, and J. Watts, Jr.

1s ▷PR◁
2s [5,000]
4s     [4,000]
8s [3,000]

Four minor varieties of each issued denomination.
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