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The E-Sylum (1/10/2010)

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Wayne Homren

Among our new subscribers this week are Bill Blystone, courtesy of Ed Krivoniak, Ron Ward, John Raymond, Jared Camins, Tim Bishopric, and J. Cuvelier. Welcome aboard! We now have 1,303 subscribers.

John Mutch writes:

Happy New Year - and I am looking forward to another year of E-Sylums - a bright spot in my Sunday evenings!

Thanks - me, too! These issues are always fun to put together despite the work involved. Our subscribers are the best, and I enjoy hearing from all of you. 2009 was a busy year. I did a quick count, and we published about 40 numismatic book reviews and about 60 new numismatic book announcements. It would have been a great year for bibliophiles even without the year's great sales of used and rare numismatic literature.

We have a couple corrections to last week's issue, and as you'll see below one of my gaffes led to a great new article this week. My other mistake was in attributing the item from German magazine "Der Speigel" to reader Werner Talso; actually it was Werner G. Mayer, one of our original members. Sorry!

This week we open with an update on this weekend's Stack Family Library sale, and announcements of two new books. Other topics include trail dies, the new editor of the TAMS Journal, the 1974 aluminum cent, Hawaiian cardboard scrip, the F.U.N. show, the 1913 Liberty Nickels, and more

To learn about jock strap medals and huwasdisguy medals, read on.

Wayne Homren
Numismatic Bibliomania Society

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