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The E-Sylum (2/21/2010)

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The latest issue of the online journal Whitman Review offers a preview of Bob Leonard's upcoming book, Curious Currency. -Editor

Leonard Curious Currency In Curious Currency you'll join award-winning author Robert D. Leonard as he trots the globe exploring the development of money from the Stone Age to the Internet Age. You'll find a treasure trove inside this colorful, entertaining, and authoritative book: gold, silver, and blocks of salt. . . elephant tails, Yap stones, and chocolate bars. . . iron nails, whale teeth, human skulls, and hundreds of other pieces of odd and curious money. Each has a fascinating story. Each holds a lesson for anyone who earns, spends, or collects money today.

Kenneth Bressett, longtime editor of the internationally best-selling Guide Book of United States Coins, praises Leonard's "fresh approach to understanding the nature of money," calling his book "an entertaining overview" and "a provocative study."

Award-winning author Q. David Bowers also has glowing words for Curious Currency. "Bob Leonard's magnificent book is the ‘missing link' in publications in our hobby," Bowers says. "We know about silver dollars, Gold Certificates, Pine Tree shillings, and ancient decadrachms, but odd and curious money is equally important and fascinating. Curious Currency brings it all to life—clam shells, slave girls, woodpecker scalps, and other unusual monies. Congratulations to Bob Leonard on a job well done."

Richly illustrated with full-color photographs and drawings, and handsomely bound in hardcover, this 160-page book is a wonderful bargain at $12.95. It's a great way to get kids interested in collecting. . . a serious compendium for the student of numismatics. . . and a fun read for anyone interested in that ancient and always popular topic, MONEY!

Curious Currency appeals to both casual readers and experienced collectors. It is fully indexed, with copious notes and bibliography for further research. The book will be available in March 2010, online and at bookstores and hobby shops nationwide. Hardcover, full color, 160 pages, $12.95.

To read the complete article, see: Money: From the Stone Age to the Internet Age (

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