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The E-Sylum (2/21/2010)

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Our friends in London and France have raised the alarm about the impending closure of two important French numismatic museums. -Editor

Hadrien Rambach writes:

The Cabinet des Médailles et Antiques in Paris is a first rank Museum which preserves French National Treasures (Merovingian Kings Childeric's Weapons and Dagobert's Throne, the so-called Charlemagne's Chessmen, etc.). It has been enriched till nowadays through many acquisitions and bequests (Count Caylus, Duke de Luynes, Schlumberger...).

It is one of the very first collections of the World in Greek Ceramics, Cameos and Coins, as well as Marble, Bronze, Ivories... But, shamefully, if nothing is done, this centuries-old Museum will come to an end. To learn more about it, please have a look at our website.

Help us to save the Museum, broadcast these news, sign here : ...and come and visit us.

Cabinet des medailles 1 Cabinet des medailles 2

Colin Bruno writes:

TWO major French numismatic museums are going to close: le Muse de la Monnaie de Paris (French Mint Museum) which will be closed by the end of June, and Cabinet des Medailles de la Biblioteque National (National library). Please find herewith links with French magazines about that.

Below are some excerpts from a Google English translation of the article. Click the link below to read the original French. -Editor

David_Adele_Hugo Cabinet is derived, like the Louvre, the royal collection. It was mainly coins, medals, cameos and intaglio and various objects of curiosity. The estate inventory of Charles V was already collecting about 4,000 works, and many kings continued to expand, including Francis I and Louis XIV. This latest collection installation at the Louvre, before transferring the Rue Vivienne in 1666 and then to Versailles in 1684. It was under Louis XV, in 1720, the Cabinet finally returned to the Royal Library

On 23 January, before the French Committee of Art History, Jacqueline Sanson, Director General of the BNF, explained that the museum would "not be maintained and that the showrooms of the current Cabinet of Medals will exist more. It merely confirmed in public that leaders of the National Library had argued internally for several weeks.

1. The museum will no longer exist as such, although the Cabinet of medals remain for the consultation of researchers.

2. The works will be almost entirely retained in reserve.

3. Only the room Luynes, that this part of the collection bequeathed by the Duke of Luynes (including important Greek vases), and whose presentation is a requirement of the legacy will be preserved and accessible to the public.

To read the complete article, see: Museums in danger (

What a sad day for numismatics - such a shame that museums of such stature and prominence are forced to close their doors. -Editor
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