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The E-Sylum (3/7/2010)

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Most bibliophiles are aware of the old-time custom of keeping one's coin collection in a special-purpose cabinet. Back in the days when people left their doors and windows unlocked, it was commonplace for a collector to keep their entire collection right at home.

Well, the fine art of making coin cabinets hasn't completely died out. E-Sylum reader Ray Williams forwarded some pictures of his new cabinet, made for him by Craig McDonald. -Editor

Ray Williams' Coin Cabinet Ray Williams' Coin Cabinet

Ray Williams' Coin Cabinet

Ray Williams writes:

The cabinet is so beautiful - I wish I could store my main collection in it. But alas, they must stay in a safe deposit box. But when I have a friend over to look at coins, I can arrange them in these drawers and have an attractive presentation. Plus I can store less expensive coins here too.

This cabinet reminds me of how collectors stored coins in the old days. I would imagine that one of the reasons that colonial coins had their attributions written in white ink on the coin surface was for easy identification in a tray (plus if the tray was dropped....

Craig McDonald has used old-fashioned hand craftsmanship to make something this beautiful to enhance the enjoyment of my hobby.

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