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The E-Sylum (3/28/2010)

Book Content

Rich Kelly & Nancy Oliver forwarded the following release about their latest book, on San Francisco Mint Superintendent John Daggett. Rich & Nancy have done an amazing amount of original research and writing on Mint personalities which has been published in their books, Coin World and elsewhere. Congratulations on the new book! -Editor

Gold in His Veins: Story of John Daggett Our newest book, titled “Gold in his Veins…the story of John Daggett”, is now available.

The book starts with how John Daggett sailed to California in early 1852 with the hope of discovering gold in the west and thence becoming a rich man. He left the small town in New York where he grew up with only a few dollars in his pocket but with a wealth of enthusiasm. When he got to California, what he found was a lot of competition for land in the gold mining areas, harsh mountain winters, disastrous lowland floods, strains of deadly diseases and a multitude of accidental deaths both in and around the mines. Nevertheless, he did eventually find gold – and lots of it!

Not only did John become a successful miner, and mine owner, but he also became a successful politician. And, his political achievements led to his being selected to the esteemed position of Superintendent of the San Francisco Mint. And, while he was superintendent, the mint produced one of its most collectable rarities today, the 1894-S dime.

It is obvious from John’s stories that he enjoyed life and all it had to offer. Whatever he did he did with gusto, not always with success, but always with gusto. He prized a challenge and he made sure he was never without lots of them.

This book offers a look into the very full and rewarding life of John Daggett. It provides a look at how his political influence affected the history of the state of California – perhaps some for the better and perhaps some for the worse. How John’s most successful mine “Black Bear” affected the very economy of the state and how his tenure as mint superintendent affected the hobby of numismatics.

You can get your copy by sending a check or money order for $21.95 ($3 off the cover price) to:

O.K. Associates
26746 Contessa St.
Hayward, CA 94545

Or, if you would like more information, email us at

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