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The E-Sylum (4/25/2010)

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David Sklow forwarded this press release for his upcoming June 12 numismatic literature sale. -Editor


June 12, 2010, David Sklow - Fine Numismatic Books will close their 10th auction.

Sklow Sale 10 cover Catalogs available by request at no charge; Send inquiries to: David Sklow-Fine Numismatic Books, P. O. Box 6321, Colorado Springs, CO 80934. Telephone: (719)-302-5686; Fax: (719)-302-4933; Email: The catalog is currently accessible on-line: Bids will be accepted by, telephone, fax, email and regular mail.

Several sale highlights: Part Two of The Q. David Bowers Research and Source Library; Selections from the Personal Library of Myron Xenos; Part Two of the Rev. Russell Clunan Library of British Works; The Special Red Books of Bill Fivaz; Several other fine Consignments:

Closes June 12, 2010
  • Over 250 works concerning the California Gold Rush, The West, Mining.
  • The Rare Catalogue of Henry H. Clifford’s California Pictorial Letter Sheets.
  • The Cripple Creek Strike, by Emma F. Langdon.
  • Several Rare Volumes by Nollie Mumey.
  • Unique Letter by Walter Breen to Q. David Bowers.
  • The Complete 22 Volume 1832 First American Edition of the Edinburgh Encyclopedia, with Numismatic Plates.
  • Deluxe Interleaved 1909 Premium List of U.S. Private and Territorial Gold, by Adams.
  • First Edition 1842 Eckfeldt & Du Bois, Manual of Gold & Silver Coins.
  • 1929 First edition The Bechtlers and Bechtler Coinage, by Clarence Griffin.
  • Deluxe Leather Edition of Private Gold Coins 1931, by Wayte Raymond.
  • Long Run of the British Numismatic Journal.
  • Long Run of Seaby’s Coins and Medal Bulletin.
  • Rare Supplements to the Spink Numismatic Circular 1896-1911 ex: Ken Lowe.
  • Long Run of the Spink Numismatic Circular.
  • Complete Set of the Richard Cyril Lockett Collection Sale Catalogs by Glendining.
  • Long Runs of British Standard Reference Works.
  • Beautiful Complete Volume III [in original paper covers] of the American Journal of Numismatics 1868-1869, with the Levick 1793 Cent Plate and First U.S. Mint Plate.
  • The Asylum Volumes 1-10, by NBS.
  • Long Run [some rare] of Reprints from the Numismatic Scrapbook.
  • 1910 Auction Catalog of the American Numismatic Association Convention Sale in New York City, by Daniel Kennedy.
  • Long Run of 19th Century Auction Catalogs, some priced, several not listed in Adams or Gengerke.
  • Long Run of William Elliot Woodward Auction Catalogs.
  • Long Run of Early Fixed Price Lists, including, Chapman, Frossard, Low and Steigerwalt.
  • The Unique Planning Sheets for The Invasion of Louisville, by Armand Champa 1988.
  • Cal Wilson’s Appraisal of the Armand Champa Library 1985.
  • The Red Books of Bill Fivaz
  • Run of Deluxe Auction Sales of George Frederick Kolbe, Including Leather
  • Examples of the John Ford Catalogs.
  • Deluxe Leather Numbered 25 of 25 Edition of David Lange’s Complete Guide to Buffalo Nickels.
  • Editors Proof of The CherryPickers Guide, Fourth Edition.
  • Numismatic Bulletin No. 2 by Q. David Bowers, 1956. [The Catalog Front Cover].
  • Penn-New York Auction Co. Sale July 29, 1957. [QDB & JFR].
  • Triple Cities Coin Exchange Catalog July 1956 by James F. Ruddy [before QDB joined him].
  • Deluxe Morocco Edition of Adams, Private Gold Coinage of California, 1913.

………See our web site for the online catalog!

Consignments are now being accepted for all future sales.

David Sklow-Fine Numismatic Books
P.O. Box 6321
Colorado Springs, CO 80934

PH: 719-302-5686
FAX: 719-302-4933

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