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The E-Sylum (5/2/2010)

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Philip Mernick writes:

Seeing the Featured Web Page on bank notes of Ghana reminded me that when I visited Ghana in 1985, I was told that putting a double fold in a note so the top read BANANA instead of BANK OF GHANA was considered anti-government propaganda and could lead to your arrest.

A Banana Republic Note! Reminded me of the old Mad Magazine folding cartoon feature...

And in the news, followers of Falun Gong are putting their message on Chinese banknotes. -Editor

Falun Gong banknote

Falun Gong followers have entered the war of the banknotes.

For the Communist Party of China (CPC), the spiritual Falun Gong movement is a sect whose members must be actively sought out by the police. As a result, active participants have to find innovative ways to communicate their message without giving themselves away. Here are few examples of banknotes carrying the Falun Gong message:

To read the complete article, see: The banknote revolt hits China (

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