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The E-Sylum (7/11/2010)

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Ray Czahor's Cookie jar Collectibles Mail Bid Sale XII offers over 250 lots of numismatic literature covering the Philippines, China, Asia, WWII and other subjects. See lots 1-250 and 2326-2365. The sale closes August 31, 2010. Here are a few descriptions and images Ray provided at my request. -Editor

Petrov Money and Conquest Lawton Some Survived

Lot 1 Petrov, Vladimir, "Money and Conquest Allied Occupation Currencies in World War II" 1967. Hard cover w/dustcover. Published by John Hopkins University. Detailed analysis of Allies monetary policies, including allied military currencies and MPCs. Separate chapters to cover North Africa & France; Italy, and Germany. The disagreements how to handle monetary policy in Post War Germany between the British, US, and Soviets. The chapter on the American Black Market in Germany is quite revealing.

Lot 165 POW Philippines: Lawton, Manny. "Some Survived" 1984. Hard cover, 295 pages. The book details the experiences of a 23 year old US Army Captain who endured the Bataan Death March, various POW Philippine camps and then was sent by ship to Japan and Korea labor camps. Eight pages of photos plus the Appendix lists the names and states of 1607 POWs sent to Japan/Korea camps, of which less than 400 survived.

Mao Paper Currency of China Mao Paper Currency of China

Lot 28 Mao, King On. "History of Chinese Paper Currency, Volume 1" 1968. Hard cover w/slightly torn dustcover, 792 pages. Covers Chinese paper currency issued by the Central Bank, 1921 -1965. In English. Detailed descriptions of both front and back of all notes issued by the various banks during the period. Many descriptions also have photos of the associated notes. Values of the notes as of publication are given in the last 9 pages of the book.

Lot 29 Mao, King-On. "History of Chinese Paper Currency,Volume II: Occidental Banks in China from 1854 -1973" 1977. Hard cover, 549 pages. Some pages are loose. Contains exceptional photos & descriptions of both front and back of notes issued by other than Chinese banks. Valuations are given with each note but an updated valuations list at the front of the book. Printing totals are given when known.

Lot 194 Peace Museum. "War of Paper (Propaganda)" 1990. Stiff cover w/ illustrated dustcover, 224 pages. Hundreds of examples of propganda used by Japan on the US, its Allies, and Moslem countries. In Japanese reads back to front, right to left. The first two sections show the leaflets written in English used against the US. Other sections show examples used in Korea, China, and SEA countries. About half the examples are in full color.

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Cookie Jar Collectibles
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