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The E-Sylum (7/11/2010)

Book Content

Dick Hanscom of Alaska Rare Coins in Fairbanks has published an expanded edition of his book: "Striking Gold in Alaska: Making Tokens from Placer Gold". We announced the first edition way back in January 2010. Here's the press release, followed by the introduction to the 2nd edition. Included in this expanded edition are Dick's new screw press, calculations Eric Holcomb assisted with, and references to The E-Sylum. -Editor

Hanscom Striking Gold in Alaska 2nd ed Alaska Rare Coins is please to announce the publication of the 2nd edition of Dick Hanscom’s book “Striking Gold in Alaska, Making tokens from placer gold.”

This 73 page paper bound book (8¼ by 5 3/8 inches) is fully illustrated in black and white with color covers. It follows the process from purchasing placer gold, preparing the gold for striking, engraving the dies and striking. Formulas are given for fluxes, specific gravity and determining the size of the tokens. Sources of supplies and equipment are listed.

Additional information is included for the drop hammer and screw press. New sections include A Little Physics, X-Ray Fluorescence and current mintages.

The price is $14 postpaid from Alaska Rare Coins, P.O. Box 72832, Fairbanks, AK 99707


Why a 2nd edition so soon? 1) The 1st edition is sold out (well, they are gone but not all sold).
2) I sold enough to pay for a second edition.
3) I am still learning and I want to put that information in your hands.
4) I can correct errors and create new ones.
5) It is cheap entertainment.
6) Because I can.

With the nature of the publishing industry today, short printings are now possible at affordable prices. This allows someone with a book due for financial failure to limit his losses, and still stroke his ego to see it in print.

I do not believe there are any changes in the Narrative section. Changes and additions can be found in Making the Dies and Striking sections. Additional information on the Drop Hammer and Screw Press is included. New sections include, A Little Physics, X-Ray Fluorescence and Current Mintages.

Some photos have changed as my work space has evolved, adding a screw press and a rebuilt drop hammer.

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: NEW BOOK: STRIKING GOLD IN ALASKA BY DICK HANSCOM (

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