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The E-Sylum (8/8/2010)

Book Content

On the topic of numismatic literature with a coin or medal mounted, Jan Monroe writes:

Another book with a medal is The Indiana Medal 1816*1916. The medal by Janet Scudder. Only 918 books were printed with the medal.

Jan kindly provided images of the book for us. -Editor

The Indiana Medal Book The Indiana Medal Book Title Page

David Lange writes:

I had my own entry in this arena, though it didn't come out quite as planned. The first edition of my Buffalo Nickel book included a leatherbound version limited to six copies. Each had a pair of Buffalo Nickels mounted on the front cover to show obverse and reverse. The binder, however, didn't fully understand the instructions to set them within the cover, as he instead simply glued them to the leather! Since this left the coins vulnerable to rubbing, I solved the problem by fitting a Kointain tightly over each nickel.

I was skeptical that I could sell a deluxe edition of what was my very first book, and that's why I had only six copies prepared. I still have one in my own library, and the only one I've seen offered for sale since 1992 was in Bowers & Merena's sale of the Armand Champa Library, which included copy number one. I don't believe it realized much more than issue price. There may have been some listings since then, but they escaped my notice. While the first edition of my book pales in comparison to the more recent third edition in terms of content, I never again put together a deluxe version of this title, and it remains a modern rarity.

Lange Buffalo Nickel Book Cover Lange Buffalo Nickel Book Serial Number and Signature Page

Fred Reed writes:

Regarding the carnival throw book by Jay Guren and Richard Egan - you WERE aware of it. In fact you published my description of the book and a illustration of its cover in an earlier E-Sylum (September 19, 2009). Try some ginseng. It helps the memory they say. Ha. Ha.

Aha! The book did sound familiar, but I was in too much of a rush to search the archive. Had I done so I needn't have bothered Cindy Wibker for an image of her copy of the book. Sorry! I'll go to the store now for some uh ..., what was that stuff again? -Editor

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