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The E-Sylum (8/22/2010)

Book Content

Alan Roy of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association forwarded this note and the accompanying images. Thanks! I wasn't aware of these. -Editor

I thought I'd add something to the discussion on books with an embedded coin or medal. The Royal Canadian Mint celebrated its hundredth anniversary in 2008. The Mint celebrated this milestone starting with the 2003 issue of the Mint's Annual Reports. They were sold with coins embedded in the cover. I attached a photo of the 2003 edition with a gold-highlighted cent.

2003 Royal Canadian Mint Annual Report in English Royal Canadian Mint history in English

The practice was continued until the 2006 edition. Being government documents, Annual Reports are usually free. Although the above issues were not free, they were available for download as PDFs at no charge. As with many Canadian government documents, they are bilingual, with the French text tete-beche. For each year, there are editions with the coin embedded into the French cover rather than the English, meaning there are two varieties for each year.

The issue culminated with the 2008 publication of Royal Canadian Mint 100 Years of History. An encapsulated half-dollar was inserted into the cover. Unlike with the Annual Reports, this coin can be removed and reinserted. Of course, a French edition was also available.

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