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The E-Sylum (9/5/2010)

Book Content

Christopher Eimer writes:

Adams, Medallic Portraits of Admiral Vernon Following the review in the 23 August E-Sylum of the Adams - Chao work on the medals of Admiral Vernon, in which it was rightly acclaimed by Dick Johnson, Dick Doty expressed the wish that the book 'had included information on manufacturers of Vernon medals'.

In point of fact, amongst the myriad of detail that the book covers is a section dealing with Metals and Engravers (pp. 201-10), in which the makers of these medals are discussed; and while it does not provide all the answers, the questions that it does ask raises our awareness of the issues and takes us one step nearer in being able to deal with them.

What a great forum and service to numismatics The E-Sylum has become.

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: BOOK REVIEW: MEDALLIC PORTRAITS OF ADMIRAL VERNON (

Len Augsburger writes: is opening its entire website for "free" this weekend. It requires a 14-day "free" trial. So the content is free, but you have to remember to cancel before the free trial period expires. Still a good deal for anyone who wants to try it out.

Great opportunity for numismatic researchers to poke around for new information! Thanks for the heads-up. -Editor

Bill Snyder writes:

Congratulations to Joe Boling for expressing what many of us have felt regarding international registered mail - "In my opinion, it's better to use regular mail than to call attention to the potential value of a mailpiece by registering it".

While on the subject of the U.S. Postal Service, I should mention trouble Fred Lake and I had recently. I had a small consignment in his recent sale. He mailed me a settlement check, but it didn't arrive. So he sent me another one. That one did get here, and I deposited it and let him know. Then the other day his first check arrived, with a postmark date of August 2. I'd have been happy to deposit this as well, but I tore it up and notified Fred, who writes, "One month for delivery !!! Not too bad if you are Pony Express." He adds however, "I think that they do a pretty darn good job overall." -Editor

Yossi Dotan writes:

You may wish to tell Sheldon Banoff that Yom Kippur in 1965 was on Wednesday Oct. 6, starting on Tuesday evening Oct. 5. (Sheldon wrote "If the exact date the course started was September 29, then I'm pretty certain that Yom Kippur started on September 28 that year, as the class began on the Evening that completed the day of Yom Kippur of 1965.")


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