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The E-Sylum (9/12/2010)

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Elizabeth Hahn, Librarian of the American Numismatic Society, sent the following reminder about the New York Times' annual librarian contest. Time to vote! -Editor

I love My Librarian logo Elizabeth Hahn

The New York Times is once again hosting their annual librarian award contest. As the ANS is a library that is freely open to the public, I am passing out the link in the hope that I might get some nominations from our users. Of course it would be great for me personally, but I also think it would be an excellent opportunity to reach a much wider audience by letting people know who we are and what resources are available. If E-Sylum readers have time before the September 20 deadline, I would be delighted for nominations!

The link is here:

There are five short questions. Some info you will need:

Name of nominee: Elizabeth Hahn
Name of Library Branch = American Numismatic Society Library (New York, NY)
Librarian's email:

Good luck! The contest does some like a good way to let the general public know about the availability of this great resource. -Editor
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