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The E-Sylum (9/19/2010)

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Tom Wetter has been working hard for some time to flesh out the bibliography of U.S. numismatic literature on the NBS web site. Specifically, he has been adding text and images for all of the titles on the list of the 100 Greatest Items of American Numismatic Literature, based on the recent survey handled by Len Augsburger. Here's his latest update. -Editor

I completed #4 - A Guide Book Of United States Coins. Geez, I had no idea there were so many versions of those made...

NBS WIki Redbook Page

410px-Guide_Book_Of_United_States_Coins_1951-1952 Boston Numismatic Society 150th Anniversary Redbook

I also need to recruit some help for the following entries:

  • American Numismatic Association, THE NUMISMATIST.
  • Amos Press. COIN WORLD.
  • Numismatic Bibliomania Society. THE ASYLUM.
  • Early American Coppers Club. PENNY WISE.
  • Colonial Newsletter Foundation. THE COLONIAL NEWSLETTER.
  • HARPER, David C., Editor. NUMISMATIC NEWS.

Sure am glad I saved the easy ones for last. LOL..

So - who can give Tom a hand on some of these titles? We don't need a dissertation or even a full-blown article, just some basic facts, dates, descriptions, and/or cover images of sample issues. Please lend a hand in creating what could become the best online resource for U.S. bibliophiles. Comments and criticism welcome! Thanks also to all those who have already helped out, including Charlie Davis, George Kolbe and Whitman Publishing, who all provided images for the Guide Book page. -Editor

To read the Guide Book page, see: A Guide Book Of United States Coins (

To view the complete survey results, see: The One Hundred Greatest Items Of United States Numismatic Literature: A Survey of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society (

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