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The E-Sylum (10/3/2010)

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Michael Sullivan submitted these thoughts and images regarding the Coin & Medal Bulletin. Thanks! -Editor

John Adams' article in the recent issue of THE ASYLUM (v. 28, nos. 2) regarding the Raymond-Adams publication titled Coin & Medal Bulletin is yet another example of Mr. Adams' fine writing style and insights. In addition to the auction listings cited in the article for complete sets of the Raymond-Adams Coin & Medal Bulletin, Charlie Davis' American Numismatic Literature (1992) lists two auction sales for complete sets as Wilson 8-1983 and Kolbe 10-1991.

Raymond Coin Medal series I Raymond Coin Medal Series New

While Mr. Adams rightfully points out the emission of eleven issues, to clarify, the publication was actually issued as numbers vol. I: 1-3, 4/5 double issue, 6-9, 1916; and vol. II: 1-3, 1917 yielding "12 numbers in 11." I have attached an image of a subscriber's card for the Coin & Medal Bulletin (first series). My own set was secured in the Katen Library Sale, 3-1995.

Raymond Coin Medal subscribe

Equally elusive to the set of the Coin & Medal Bulletin, 1916-1917 in my library is a set of the Coin & Medal Bulletin "New Series" published in 17 issues from December, 1923 until the final issue January 1933; a span of slightly more than 10-years. Attached are images from initial issues of both the "Original" and "New Series." My personal set was secured privately 7-1993. I will submit an article for a subsequent issue of THE ASYLUM on the "New Series" to which Mr. Adams may wish to contribute.

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