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The E-Sylum (10/31/2010)

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In January Charles Doyle of ReplicaCoins Corporation wrote about Peter Rosa coin replicas; Doyle had worked with Rosa (his uncle) from 1964 until his death in 1990. This week he issued a press release announcing the firm's official launch. The image is of Peter Rosa. Below are images of a Higley copper copy from the firm's web site. -Editor

Peter Rosa Coin Replicas, Inc., a metallic art reproductionist of museum-quality, rare and ancient coins, today announced the company’s official launch. As coin experts and historians, the company specializes in replicas from the rarest and choicest Ancient Greek, Roman, Biblical and Colonial & Early American coins.

“During a recent event at Heritage Auctions in Boston, a 1652 New England Shilling, the first coin struck in British Colonial America, sold for more than $400,000. We make a precisely crafted replica of that coin for about $20. At that price point, virtually anyone can hold, own and appreciate a piece of history,” says Charles Doyle, president and metallic artist of Coin Replicas.

Coin Replicas’ numismatic art reproductions are uniquely beautiful and accurately detailed in comparison to their ancient originals. They achieve this quality by starting with the best casts and molds created from the original coins by the late Peter Rosa, known as one of the greatest manufacturers of coin replications in the United States.

“After apprenticing with my uncle, Peter Rosa, for many years, and now coming back to my art full-time as the principal of Coin Replicas, is a dream come true,” says Doyle. “My purpose is to continue Peter’s legacy and to make the art of the ancients available to the collector of all levels and means.”

Replicating Rosa – The Greatest Coin Reproductionist of the 20th Century Peter Rosa is regarded by many in the numismatic world as one of the greatest coin reproductionists of the 20th Century. Unfortunately, at the same time as his business was achieving global success, coin dealers, followed by the press, went on a witch hunt in the 1960s and began opposing Rosa’s art in the name of forgery.

In the late 60s, Rosa’s company, Becker Reproductions, Inc., was selling nearly a quarter of a million coins in more than 40 countries worldwide. And although resistance was building specifically from coin dealers, there were many connoisseurs of coin art, collectors and even the American Numismatic Society contracted Rosa to replicate certain rare and valuable coins in the ANS collection.

The Undocumented Rosa Coin Replicas of Early America Rosa has been the subject of numerous articles and books, including Wayne Sayles, Classical Deception. Interestingly, Rosa’s vast collection of Colonial and Early American coin replicas have gone widely unreported and virtually undocumented. His nephew and long-time apprentice, Charles Doyle, is reproducing and formally cataloging these rare and historic numismatic treasures in a reference guide. The official guide will be available free to collectors and historians in 2011 via Doyle’s website,

Employing the unique coin reproduction skills and techniques of Peter Rosa, Charles Doyle established Coin Replicas, Inc. He carries on his uncle’s legacy through fine metallic art reproductions of museum-quality, rare and ancient coins. For more information about Coin Replicas, please visit our website at .

Higley copy obverse Higley copy reverse

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