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The E-Sylum (11/14/2010)

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Mark Borckardt writes:

Bowers & Ruddy, Eliasberg sale A further point of clarification can be made: Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. passed away in 1976. Even though the gold collection was not sold until 1982, and the silver and copper portion in 1996 and 1997, the collection was complete for all date and mintmark varieties of U.S. coins known to exist at the time of his death. Post-1976 coins were not included, and issues unknown at the time of his death were not included. In the latter category is the 1870-S half dime, that was unknown at the time of his death but well known 20 years later when his half dimes were sold.

The collection also had many important varieties, along with extensive holdings of colonials, patterns, territorial gold, world coins, and currency. I have fond memories working with parts of the collection.

One of the interesting things to me was that older coins tended to be far higher quality than more modern coins. He had several Mint State Flowing Hair and Draped Bust dollars, including Gem coins, but his 1934-S Peace dollar, for example, graded just XF45. That was obviously because Mr. Eliasberg collected many of the modern coins from his own pocket change. Like most collectors of his generation, once a coin was acquired, there was no interest in upgrading.

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