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The E-Sylum (11/14/2010)

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Regarding the images of three-cent Feuchtwanger tokens, Myron Xenos writes:

I see in the photographs several discrepancies which I don't think are caused by the digitalization. Tail-to-edge and other space differences seem evident to me. Of course I am older now and my eyes aren't that great. That's why I gave up on coppers. Gold and silver are easier on old eyes.

Feuchtwanger Three Cent obverse Stickney plate piece Feuchtwanger Three Cent obverse

I think I have to agree - these don't look like they can be images of the same specimen. -Editor

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Joe Boling writes:

Just when some are initiating their Facebook presences (Kolbe and Fanning last week) I am closing my Facebook account. The outfit has been just too cavalier about protecting user information - it's asking for trouble, in my opinion, for someone concerned about security and privacy to use that service.

Regarding this statement in the American Antiquarian Society item on a piece of baseball-related ephemera, "Advertisers have long used the image of popular baseball players and baseball teams to hock their wares. ", Joe adds:

hock [?!?] Putting them into pawn? I had to look carefully to make sure this was not your choice of language.

Well, the blog post was written by an AAS Intern. He probably meant to write "hawk", not "hock". A comment left on the blog page by reader Dr. George Franca poses a great question: Advertising has been around for years and I wonder what advertising ploys helped fill the Roman Colosseum. -Editor

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John Lennon coin Philip Mernick writes:

I have been reading through my back issues hence this slightly late reply. You mention the John Lennon "coin" and the impression may have been given that it is a UK coin. It will, in fact, be made by the Royal Mint for the small island of Alderney, off the coast of France.

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