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The E-Sylum (11/21/2010)

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Not much to report numismatically this week, but opening my email has been a delight. Lots of E-Sylum issues are excellent ones, but I was especially pleased with how this one came together. The bulk of it is comprised of responses from our readers with detailed information on multiple interesting topics.

Help the Homeless Walk 2010 I have one numismatic side note to report. On Saturday morning I arose early and made my way down to the National Mall to participate in the annual Help the Homeless walkathon. My family was unable to join me because of a conflict with our sons' basketball schedule. In my wallet were two "Where's George" dollar bills I'd gotten in change at the 7-11 that morning. Anyone getting up at 6am on a Saturday morning deserves a donut, I figure.

I arrived early to hear the singing of the National Anthem and speeches by a local newscaster and Congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, who has walked in the event for 23 years running.

Since I was on my own and had some flexibility, I decided that if I'm going to be in a parade, I might as well be in front. I'm told that's the sign of a true leader (in politics, anyway) - find a parade and get in front of it. So while the rest of the crowd was watching the Washington Redskins cheerleaders, I walked up to the starting line. When the walk began, I was right behind the marching band. Soon I was right next to the 73-year-old Norton. She smiled and shook my hand, and we talked for a few minutes.

Along the walk I took several pictures, and here's the numismatic part. At one point the route passed the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The front was festooned with a huge banner promoting the upcoming new design of the $100 bill. I made sure to get the shot. To me this is real numismatic history - this banner will exist here in this place for only a short period of time, and there may never be another chance to capture the moment.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing 2010-11-20

After the walk I'd hoped to pay my respects to the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States at the National Archives. The building was just opening for the day, but there was already a long line of tourists waiting to get in. Since I'd seen them before I opted to head home, and was able to see all but the first few minutes of Christopher and Tyler's basketball scrimmage.

Via email I learned of the results of my consignment in the Kolbe & Fanning sale. The cash will come in handy. I used to joke "baby needs a new pair of shoes", but now it's no joke - Christopher's braces need to be paid for, Tyler and I are each scheduled for some minor oral surgery, and Christmas bills will find their way to my desk before long. Ouch!

I got up early Sunday to work on The E-Sylum a bit. Then my daughter Hannah got up and it was time to play instead. So like usual, I stayed up to finish Sunday evening. Luckily I was able to finish before it got too late. It was fun to work on, and I hope everyone enjoys it.

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