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The E-Sylum (11/28/2010)

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Lloyd Wagner submitted this query for E-Sylum readers. -Editor

I would like some help on a very interesting Civil War collectible. This medal is a copy (I believe) of the rare Davis Guard medals issued to the 45 Confederate soldiers who defeated the Union army at Sabine Pass, Texas.

This medal was issued to "M. Powers" (Maurice Powers), one of the soldiers. The script for the soldier's name and the rest of the writing is the same. This is another reason I believe that the medal is a copy, along with the fact that it is not silver. It is very nicely engraved, and does appear to be quite old. I listed this originally on eBay (item # 380287688740) without knowing what it was. I even misread the words, and listed it with incorrect spelling! It closed for $687.88, and within an hour, I had another offer for $1000.00. At that point, I canceled the transaction, realizing that I had something quite scarce.

Is this in fact a copy? Any help or advice would certainly be appreciated!

Sabine Pass copy obverse Sabine Pass copy reverse
Lloyd Wagner example

Sabine Pass obverse Sabine Pass reverse
Stack's January 16, 2007 sale example (lot 6852)

Is anyone familiar with these medals (originals or copies)? How many of the copies are out there? Are they worth $1,000+? -Editor

To read the complete auction lot description, see: 1863 Davis Guards Medal. EF (

, or call 1-800-546-2995.
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