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The E-Sylum (2/12/2017)

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In an email sent February 9, 2017, Davisson's circulated a list of selected highlights from the firm's Auction 36. -Editor

Winter in Minnesota seems to last forever, but Auction 36 is flying by. Catalogs have long since been sent, and we are in the final two weeks of bidding.

Auction 36 closes Wednesday, February 22nd, starting at 10 AM CST (4PM GMT). Make sure to get your bids in before the end!

We have spent all of 2016 selecting our favorite pieces, from consignments and our own holdings, to feature in this sale. Some especially choice examples can still be had at the opening bid. (That includes my personal favorite, the Social War denarius.

Lot 42: Social War Denarius

Social War Denarius

ROMAN REPUBLICAN. The Social War. Marsic Confederation. 90-89 B.C. AR denarius. 3.8 gm. 18 mm. Corfinium mint. Laureate head of Italia left, wearing earring and pearl necklace / Oath-taking scene of eight warriors, four on each side of a pig held by an attendant, a standard in the background; IIX (Oscan control numeral) in exergue. Sydenham 629. HN Italy 415b. Mint State; small area of flat strike on reverse at 9; very lightly toned. Historic, handsome and rare.

The revolt of Rome's Italian allies stemmed from the Senate's poor handling of their grievances. Once war broke out and two Roman consuls were defeated, leaving Rome perilously close to defeat, the Senate finally moved to nullify the threat by granting Roman citizenship to the rebel forces--the key issue at the root of the conflict. Thereafter all residents of Italy south of the Po were united as citizens of Rome. Rome traditionally turned enemies into friends by granting citizenship. The fascinating coinage of the Marsic Confederation consists primarily of silver modeled on the Roman denarius. On the reverse the oath-taking scene symbolizes unity among the Italian states.

To read the complete lot description, see:
Printed Auction 36 Lot 42 ROMAN REPUBLICAN. The Social War. Marsic Confederation (

Lot 24: Siculo-Punic Tetradrachm

Siculo-Punic Tetradrachm

SICULO-PUNIC. 4th Century B.C. AR tetradrachm. 17.16 gm. 25 mm. Head of Persephone-Tanit left, hair wreathed with corn, dolphins around / The head and neck of a horse left, a date palm behind, Punic letters at base of neck. HGC 2, 289 (obverse), 284 (reverse). Jenkins 192 (this coin) Good Very Fine; on a broad flan, attractive old toning. Impressive coin of exquisite style.

Ex Lockett. SNG Lockett 1052 (this coin). Ex Davisson Auction 27, lot 30.

To read the complete lot description, see:
Printed Auction 36 Lot 24 SICULO-PUNIC. 4th Century B.C. AR tetradrachm. (

Lot 129: Coenwulf Penny

Coenwulf Penny

ANGLO-SAXON. Kings of Mercia. Coenwulf. 796-821. AR penny. 1.29 gm. 18 mm. Tribrach type. London. Pendwine, moneuyer. Circa 797/8-805. A Mercian M with a short horizontal line above, a pellet circle around / A tribach moline; PEN

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