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The E-Sylum (3/19/2017)

Book Content

Yosef Sa'ar of Elat on the Red Sea writes:

I didn't find these books mentioned in the E-Sylum archives, but maybe readers know more. They are cited in the current auction catalogue of Noble Numismatics, Sydney, Australia:

Anthony W. Grant, "Premier: the New Zealand Coin and Banknote Catalogue". 2011.

Terry M Roker, "New Zealand Checks, Discount & Special Purpose Tokens". USA, 2015

I asked Martin Purdy of New Zealand, and he was able to help. -Editor

The Premier Catalogue is an annual (a bit like the Red Book) and has been rebranded as the John Bertrand (TM) New Zealand Coin & Banknote Catalogue for the past few years. The author is still Tony Grant and it's published by Philatelic Distributors Limited. The 2017 edition (ISBN 978-0-9941337-1-7) is out now, and I have copies for sale if anyone's interested.

Terry Roker's books are self-published and are a complement to other books covering aspects of NZ exonumia, such as the above (the Bertrand book has a priced listing of most currently known checks and tokens, while Roker's book illustrates all he's been able to find, with some background history on makers, locations, etc.), as well as the Morel and MacMaster & Purdy books on NZ commemorative medals and challenge coins - I just had to get that last little plug in, too!

Terry lives in Wyoming so access to his publications for US members should be relatively straightforward. His e-mail address is

Martin provided these images. Thanks! His e-mail address is -Editor





Martin adds:

I've taken them side-on to give an idea of overall size. The Roker book is US letter format, about 550 pages; the Bertrand catalogue is A5, 88 pages; and the MacMaster/Purdy books are A4, around 300 pages each.

I can supply the last three (postage isn't much for the Bertand book since it's quite slim, but it will be fairly hefty for the others); orders for the Roker book would need to go to Terry directly.

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