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The E-Sylum (3/19/2017)

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2017 One Pound coin obverse 2017 One Pound coin reverse

David Pickup writes:

We are looking forward to seeing the new pound coins which are very well designed. Newspapers carried an advertisement yesterday inviting people to buy the new coins in advance for £10.00 each. They are made to Brilliant Uncirculated standard but surely all coins are that condition when they are made! Why would you pay £10.00 for something you can get for a pound in a few weeks ?

Well, some people are early adopters, and want to be the first in their circle to have the latest and greatest thing. Others are easily suckered into thinking they're getting a great deal. There is no end to the marketing angles salespeople can come up with, and apparently no end to the line of people who succumb to them. As the old saying goes, "There's a sucker born every minute."

In fairness to the sellers though, there is a great deal of overhead cost involved in accepting and shipping orders for single coins - advertising costs, web site creation and maintenance, handling payments, packaging, shipping, etc. Profit margins are lower than they may seem. Below is the link to where the coin can be ordered from the Royal Mint. -Editor

For more information, or to order, see:
Nations of the Crown 2017 UK £1 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin ( Archives International sale 40 cover front

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