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The E-Sylum (3/26/2017)

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In our March 12, 2017 issue, an article by Michael Alexander from Coin Update discussed a new lion daalder (or "lion dollar") coin. -Editor

Netherlands-Lion-Daalder-2017-silver-o Netherlands-Lion-Daalder-2017-silver-r

Kavan Ratnatunga of Sri Lanka writes:

I found that the 2017 Leewendaalder is sold at

Pity it is just Bullion and not even NCLT. It has a 0,999 Silver rather than 0.750 Silver. It has a weight of 31.1 grams rather than 27.68 of original and a crown size diameter of 38.7 mm rather than 40.5 mm. So is it just a way of marketing Bullion at 3.8 times the market value of Silver and 1.7 times in Gold. Can it be called a replica ?

Kavan sent links to his web site listings for original and contemporary counterfeit Lion Dollars. -Editor

1644_wes_lion_daalder_ag_o 1644_wes_lion_daalder_ag_r
Original Silver Leeuwen Daalder

1616_tra_lion_daalder_ag_o 1616_tra_lion_daalder_ag_r
A contemporary counterfeit from Massachusetts

Thanks! The Lion Dollar is a very historically important coin. These new bullion pieces are not restrikes (since the original dies aren't involved), nor are they replicas (since, as Kavan pointed out, their size and weight is inconsistent with the originals). -Editor

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see:

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