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Anthony C. Paquet


Born in Hamburg, Germany. Came to America in October 1848. He worked in Philadelphia 1850 to 1855 and in New York City 1856 to 1858, then returned to settle in Philadelphia.

He was Assistant Engraver of the Mint starting October 20, 1857. He left his official position in 1864. He died in Philadelphia. Paquet produced dies for a new reverse for the twenty dollar gold pieces beginning in 1861. A few were struck and released before the dies were withdrawn because the rims were too narrow. He engraved dies for the first Congressional Medal of Honor.

Paquet produced dies for many of the mint medals:

American Medical Association (Julian AM-4)

National Academy of Design (Julian AM-49)

Pennsylvania Institute obverse (Julian AM-66)

Oath of Allegiance (Julian CM-2, 3)

Japanese Embassy reverse (Julian CM-22)

Japanese Embassy (Julian CM-23)

Philadelphia Sanitary Fair (Julian CM-44)

North Western Sanitary Fair (Julian CM-45)

Andrew Johnson Indian Peace (Julian IP-40, 41)

Ulysses S. Grant Indian Peace (Julian IP-42)

Treasury Department Life Saving (Julian LS-5 to LS-11)

Captain Thomas Sampson (Julian LS-16)

General Ulysses S. Grant (Julian MI-29)

Colored Troops Before Richmond (Julian MI-30)

Gray Reserves obverse (Julian MK-2)

James Ross Snowden (Julian MT-3)

A. Louden Snowden reverse (Julian MT-13, 15)

Commencement of Cabinet - 1859 (Julian MT-22)

Washington Cabinet of Medals (Julian MT-23)

John C. Fremont (Julian PE-11)

Major General George C. Meade (Julian PE-20)

Mariano Melgarejo (Julian PE-21, 23)

Melgarejo and Mariano Munoz (Julian PE-22)

George F. Robinson (Julian PE-27)

Doctor Frederick Rose (Julian PE-29)

George Washington (Julian PR-25, 26)

George Washington reverse (Julian PR-27)

Washington and Jackson (Julian PR-28, 29)

Washington and Lincoln (Julian PR-30, 31)

Washington and Grant obverse (Julian PR-32)

Andrew Jackson (Julian PR-34)

Abraham Lincoln (Julian PR-35 to PR-37)

Ulysses S. Grant (Julian PR-42)

United States Military Academy (Julian SC-56)

bio:Fielding; Loubat; Hessler; P-F; NYHSD; Stauffer; WWWA-H

Source credit: Pete Smith, American Numismatic Biographies


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