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Daniel Parish


He was born in New York City.

He served in several offices for the ANS:

Corresponding Secretary October 12, 1865, to March 22, 1866

Librarian March 22, 1866, to March 25, 1869

First Vice President March 24, 1870, to March 27, 1873

Second Vice President March 27, 1873, to March 26, 1874

First Vice President March 26, 1874, to March 16, 1875

First Vice President March 21, 1876, to March 18, 1879

Second Vice President March 18, 1879, to March 16, 1880

First Vice President March 16, 1880, to March 18, 1884 9th

President October 1, 1883, to March 16, 1896

First Vice President January 16, 1905 to December 20, 1909

In 1910 he donated 128 Admiral Vernon medals to the ANS.

The ANS issued a medal for Parish in 1890. They produced one in gold for Parish, one in silver for James Wilson and 81 in bronze for ANS members. Dies were by Lea Ahlborn of the Royal Mint in Sweden.

He was born and died in New York City. 

*His date of birth is in dispute. 

The ANS gives his year of birth as 1842. 

The New York Historical Society gives his year of birth as 1938. 

Reports with the year of birth as 1838 apparently confuse him with another person with a similar name. 

Source credit: Pete Smith, American Numismatic Biographies


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