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John Ray Sinnock


Born in Raton, New Mexico. He studied at the Pennsylvania Museum of Art and later taught there for eight years.

He was assistant engraver at the mint from 1917 to 1919. He was appointed chief engraver in 1925 and served until his death. He died in a hospital in Staten Island, New York.

Sinnock produced the dies for several Assay Commission Medals:

1919 Assay Commission reverse (Julian AC-63) 1926 Assay Commission (Julian AC-70)

1927 Assay Commission (Julian AC-71)

1928 Assay Commission (Julian AC-72)

1929 Assay Commission (Julian AC-73)

1930 Assay Commission (Julian AC-74)

1931 Assay Commission obv (Julian AC-75)

1932 Assay Commission (Julian AC-76a, 76b, 77)

1933 Assay Commission obv (Julian AC-78)

1934 Assay Commission obv (Julian AC-79)

1935 Assay Commission (Julian AC-80)

1936 Assay Commission obv (Julian AC-81)

1937 Assay Commission rev (Julian AC-82)

1938 Assay Commission (Julian AC-83)

1939 Assay Commission (Julian AC-84)

1940 Assay Commission (Julian AC-85)

1941 Assay Commission (Julian AC-86)

1942 Assay Commission obv (Julian AC-87)

1944 Assay Commission rev (Julian AC-89)

1946 Assay Commission rev (Julian AC-91)

1947 Assay Commission obv (Julian AC-92)

1948 Assay Commission obv (Julian AC-93)

Sinnock produced other medals: Calvin Coolidge (USM 129)

Herbert Hoover (USM 130)

Franklin D. Roosevelt (USM 131)

Harry S. Truman obverse (USM 132)

William G. McAdoo reverse (USM 209)

Andrew W. Mellon (USM 211)

Ogden Mills (USM 212)

William Woodin (USM 213)

Henry Morganthau (USM 214)

Fred Vinson (USM 215)

John W. Snyder obverse (USM 216)

Robert John Grant (USM 315)

Nellie Tayloe Ross (USM 316)

Mount Vernon (USM 647)

Benjamin Franklin (USM 648)

Franklin D. Roosevelt (USM 649)

Thomas A. Edison 1928

Lincoln Ellsworth 1928

Sinnock designed several Commemorative Half Dollars:

Illinois Centennial reverse (1918)

Sesquicentennial of Amer. Independence (1926)

Sesquicentennial Gold Quarter Eagle (1926)

Oregon Trail Memorial (1926)

Sinnock designed the new Purple Heart medal in 1931.

Sinnock designed the Roosevelt Dime of 1946 and Franklin Half of 1948. His initials JS on the obverse of the dime were interpreted by some as representing Joseph Stalin.

bio: CCUS; Fielding; P-F; WWWAmArt; CW 2/2/66

photo: NUM 54 Oct 1941 page 765

obit: NUM 60 Jul 1947 page 463

Source credit: Pete Smith, American Numismatic Biographies


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