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Jesse Duncan Elliott


Born in Hagerstown, Maryland. Appointed midshipman in 1804. Promoted to lieutenant in 1810. Married Frances Vaughan April 7, 1812. They had one son. In 1813 he was promoted to Master Commandant in command of the Niagara. He was second in command to Perry in the battle of Lake Erie.

For three hours of the battle, Elliott held the Niagara out of the thickest action and Perry suffered heavy casualties. Perry and Elliott became involved in a long fued and controversy over the battle. They barely avoided a duel.

Elliott served during the war with Algiers 1815 to 1816; commanded West-Indian squadron 1829 to 1832; commanded Boston Navy Yard 1833 to 1835; commanded Mediterranean Squadron 1835 to 1838. He was suspended from the Navy for four years. He managed to avoid a duel challenged by Commodore David Porter. He was given command of the Philadelphia navy yard in 1844. He died in Philadelphia.

Congress passed a resolution February 19, 1814, awarding a gold medal to Elliott for his service in the Battle of Lake Erie. The mint struck the medal (Julian NA-10) with dies by Moritz Furst. The mint has also sold modern restrikes (USM 511).

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Source credit: Pete Smith, American Numismatic Biographies


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