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    Sep 21 2017

    James Kelly Catalogs on NNP

    James Kelly of Dayton, OH was a prominent dealer in the mid-20th century, with 56 auction sales to his credit. Newman Portal has scanned all but two (6/1/953 and 4/29/1955), there are posted here.
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    Sep 20 2017

    Independence Hall Collection

    Coins, tokens, and medals from the Independence Hall collection are posted here. This collection was formed in the early 20th century by Frank H. Stewart, who owned the first U.S. Mint property and became interested in its history. Stewart christened it the "Old Mint Collection" and donated it to the City of Philadelphia. Today it is administered by the National Park Service at Independence Hall.
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    Sep 18 2017

    Coin Holder Mania

    Two publications have been launched in recent years dedicated to coin holders. David Lange's Coin Board News studies vintage coin boards (the most ubiquitous being the blue Whitman folders of the 1960s era) while the Sample Slab Update Newsletter, by David Schwager, examines variants of the plastic slabs today used to house almost all U.S. collector coins of significant value. There is something for everyone here - coin boards are a blast from the past while slabs are ever evolving and new varieties are constantly appearing.
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    Sep 15 2017

    The Musical Sofa

    Official Misconduct of Franklin Peale, just uploaded to NNP at, details charges leveled against the 19th century Chief Coiner of the Mint. Peale was in particular accused of using Mint workmen to equip a trumpet mechanism with a sofa, "designed to terrify children and disturb the nerves of female visitors." More seriously, Peale was charged with lining his own pocket in the production of award medals contracted to the Mint. Although a public domain document, copies of Official Misconduct are uncommon, and it is presented publicly here for the first time.
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    Sep 14 2017

    1792 Patterns

    Check out the Alan V. Weinberg collection of U.S. patterns from 1792, the inaugural year of the U.S. Mint, at
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    Sep 08 2017

    What Are You Searching For?

    A user recently searched for "British Numismatic Journal," which prompted us to see if this material was in the public domain. The British Numismatic Society has indeed opened the content for the period 1903-2013. We we will shortly install this on NNP, where it will be searchable in our ever-growing database. Thanks to whoever searched for this!
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    Sep 07 2017

    Underneath the E-Sylum Hood

    The E-Sylum is a weekly e-publication covering general numismatics with an emphasis on American numismatics, books, and scholarly publications (subscribe at The Newman Portal incorporates most of the E-Sylum content from 1998, and we are developing tools to keep our copy in sync with each new issue. Washington University computer science student Dongyao Ling is creating Python software to webscrape the E-Sylum archive site ( This is an exciting project that will add not only E-Sylum articles, but also the E-Sylum's 23,000+ images to the NNP image database, where they will be searchable based on related E-Sylum text. We additionally thank Washington University computer science student Vignesh Sivaram for his assistance with this project.
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    Sep 06 2017

    New Front Page!

    Our front page now features a rotating image gallery - click any image for more info on that object.
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    Aug 24 2017
    Charlotte Mint

    Charlotte Mint Working Volume from Newman Collection Digitized

    A unique document originating from the early days of the Charlotte Mint has been added to the Newman Portal. Covering 1838-1841, this volume consists of published material governing Mint operation (especially congressional reports), in addition to numerous notes and annotations likely made by the Superintendent of the Charlotte Mint. John Wheeler, the original Superintendent, was replaced by Burgess Gaither in August 1841, and it is possible that this volume is exclusively the work of Wheeler. In any case, the volume appears to be the result of a thorough investigation to understand the legislative directives related to the operation of a branch Mint.

    Link to Charlotte Mint volume on NNP:

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    Aug 15 2017

    Financial History

    Our run of Financial History, published by the American Museum of Finance (MoAF), continues to build out, with the final batch of copies coming over today from MoAF for scanning at the American Numismatic Society. The Museum of American Finance is located at 48 Wall Street, in New York City ( A current exhibit, "For the Love of Money: Blacks on US Currency" is on loan from the Museum of Uncut Funk, and features African-American figures on U.S. paper money.

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