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Sep 13 2018

American Numismatic Society (ANS) Slide Series

Coincident with the Coinage of the Americas Conference (COAC) events held at the ANS in the 1980s and 1990s, the ANS produced a number of boxed sets that contained color slides along with pamphlets incorporating introductory material and slide descriptions. The material illustrated a number of United States coin series and, in the era of the slide projector, was ideal for meeting presentation purposes.  Each set of slides and accompanying pamphlet illustrate and describe the major types and design evolution within an American series. Newman Portal has digitized the slides and pamphlets for four of these, including America’s Copper Coinage 1783-1857 (1984), Massachusetts Silver Coinage (1994), Die Varieties of the 1794 Large Cent (1984), and America’s Federal Gold Coinage 1795-1933 (1989).  Newman Portal acknowledges the ANS for permission to digitize this material.  Can E-Sylum readers report the existence of any other sets?

Link to Massachusetts Silver Coinage on Newman Portal:
Link to Die Varieties of the 1794 Large Cent:
Link to America’s Copper Coinage:
Link to America’s Federal Gold Coinage:

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