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Feb 18 2020

U.S. Congressional Reports on Newman Portal

The congressional serial set, essentially the proceedings of the U.S. Congress for over 200 years, runs on the order of 20,000 volumes, a challenge most collectors would not even think to attempt. While this content has been digitized by ProQuest and others, most of it resides behind firewalls, and typically only academic libraries have access.  Numismatic literature collectors typically encounter this material in the form of reports running several pages, which been extracted from bound volumes. 

Washington University in St. Louis, a federal deposit library, holds a hardcopy of the entire set, and the Newman Portal has been scanning the bits of interest to numismatists. This material include legislation related to the production of coins and medals and well as formal reports on various coinage matters. A 1966 report, for example, discusses the sale of silver dollars from the U.S. Treasury, which throughout the 1960s and 1970s had significant impact on the numismatic market.

Link to U.S. Congressional Serial Set on Newman Portal:
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