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Jul 20 2020

Getting to Know Eric P. Newman, Part 3: A Vermont Numismatic Enigma

Lianna Spurrier continues her video series on numismatic publications of Eric P. Newman, with the latest installment focusing on his 1958 publication “A Recently Discovered Coin Solves a Vermont Numismatic Enigma.” In this article, Newman sought to explain why Vermont coppers minted during the Confederation period bore British insignia. With an assist from Walter Breen, Newman uncovered a punch interlock between certain 1786 Vermont coppers and Machin’s Mills counterfeit halfpence of the same period, demonstrating that the British Union was intentionally reused on the Vermont reverse die, most likely as a cost saving measure. Today, about a dozen examples of the “Vermont Enigma” die pairing are known, with the finest piece selling in the Newman IV sale in 2014.

Link to A Vermont Numismatic Enigma on Newman Portal:
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