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Mar 16 2022

Early ANS Membership Records Digitized Under NNP Sponsorship

Among the American Numismatic Society archives are a group of 1,700 file cards detailing early ANS members and their related activities at ANS. The group covers from inception (1858) to the mid-1940s. Occasional tidbits are present, such as this note on the card for Baltimore collector Waldo Newcomer, “had collection, stolen by F. Hotz.” Particularly active members have multiple cards, with the record for Edward T. Newell extending to six cards and noting ANS roles from “Active Member” (1905) to “President” (1918-1941). As a biographical aid, many of the records include member death dates.

ANS Librarian David Hill notes that the management history of this file is not completely clear. Cards were clearly created retroactively in some cases. Additionally, some early members have been identified who do not have cards. Still, numismatic biographers will find this a useful resource.

Link to Early ANS Membership Cards:
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