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Sep 10 2023

A Charles Steigerwalt Triumvirate

This week Newman Portal announces the addition of three items related to the late 19th and early 20th century Lancaster, PA dealer Charles Steigerwalt. First up, we have a group of 110 Charles Steigerwalt fixed price lists, recently scanned at the American Numismatic Society library. As part of scanning, these items have been integrated into the ANS library catalog. This is a somewhat confusing series in that Steigerwalt left many issues undated. The Newman Portal already contains the Hamelberg (ex. Champa) set of Steigerwalt FPLs, which, combined with annotations on certain of the ANS copies, may serve to unsort some of the complications.

Second, we have a group of four monographs contributed by Carl Waltz, including an important compilation of biographical source documents related to Steigerwalt. Waltz also contributed copies of Steigerwalt estate sales, to which he has added many illustrations. Finally, Waltz presented on the topic of Steigerwalt at the recent ANA convention, and this video, “A Glimpse of the Life of Charles T. Steigerwalt,” is now available. 

Link to Steigerwalt FPLs on Newman Portal:
Link to Waltz monographs on Newman Portal:
Link to Waltz ANA Money Talks on Newman Portal:
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