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Capped Bust Dimes (Proof)

The Proof Capped Bust Dime Series began in 1820 and ended in 1837 although there were a few years missing in production of these proofs. This iconic design was originally created by John Reich. These coins were struck during a time so early in American minting history that they could only be produced in very small amounts. They were meant to be used as presentation pieces by the government or could be purchased by very well-off early collectors. The mintages figures are actually so low that they are recorded in the single digits making proof Bust Dime an automatic rarity. Saying only a handful of each date exist would be an over estimation making is practically impossible to acquire a full set of these coins especially since the 1832 is completely unique with just a single piece known. It is a treat for advanced collectors to see even one example from the entire series to hit the auction block. They simply never see the market as they are so rare. If you want one it is going to cost to at least tens of thousands of dollars if one even comes available. As many early proof are these Proof Capped Bust Dimes normally come very nicely toned.

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