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$50 Gold Eagles (Proof)

Proof $50 gold American Eagles have been struck since 1986 and are a highly popular collectible numismatic item with much crossover market activity in the bullion investment arena. The popularity of the proof $50 gold eagles is perhaps of little surprise to anyone who has held any of these coins or who knows the eccentricities of the coin industry. $50 eagles contain a full troy ounce of gold, which is a major selling factor for bullion investors, while the classic Miss Liberty obverse design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and family of eagles reverse motif by Miley Busiek wins over diehard numismatists.

The $50 gold proof eagle was originally minted with Roman numerals signifying each issue?s date of production. This changed in 1992 when the United States Mint began employing Arabic numerals in the date, as is far more common on American coinage. Few other design modifications have taken place on the $50 gold eagle since its inception, though the addition of reverse proof $50 eagles in 2006 shook up the market for these collectible gold coins a bit. The 2006-W reverse proof $50 gold eagle is the only piece in the series that could be classified as scarce, with prices for that particular issue trending well above typical price levels for other proof one-ounce gold American Eagles.

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