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$10 First Spouse (Proof)

$10 First Spouse gold coins were issued from 2007 through 2016 and were struck as a complementary series alongside the Presidential $1 coins, which honor deceased former United States presidents in the order they served the nation, beginning with George Washington and ending with Ronald Reagan. The $10 First Spouse series, featuring the spouses (all first ladies) of the presidents honored among the dollar coins, was offered as a bullion program, and each coin contains one-half ounce of .9999-fine gold.

The $10 First Spouse gold proofs are highly collectible, yet at present they attract relatively little attention from hobbyists, perhaps due to the high prices of these coins. Still, they may make terrific investments over the long term as an increasing number of numismatists realize just how scarce $10 First Spouse gold coins are. The vast majority of the issues have mintages of fewer than 10,000, and most of these coins saw production figures of fewer than 5,000 pieces. Several issues have mintages lower than 3,000 specimens. Eventually, many of these pieces may become difficult to find, but for the time being proof $10 First Spouse coins can be obtained for little more than spot value.

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