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Morgan Dollars (Proof)

Proof Morgan dollars are popular among silver dollar enthusiasts and others who collect 19th-century coinage. Proof Morgan dollar mintages generally range from 500 to 1,000 pieces and typical specimens usually trade in the four-figure range, though there are several instances in which these proof silver dollars easily command five- and six-figure prices, proving among the most challenging of all Morgan dollars.

These include one of the most famous of all 19th-century branch mint proof coins ? the 1879-O proof Morgan dollar. This issue, which had a tiny mintage of 12 pieces and has just a few known survivors, trades for well into the six figures on the rare occasions it surfaces in the marketplace. Another well-known proof Morgan dollar is the 1895, a Philadelphia-mint striking that serves as the only issue for the date and mint and easily realizes five-figures.

But the ultimate rarity for Morgan dollar fans has to be none other than the 1893-CC proof, a date and mint that is synonymous with the word ?coveted? in the arena of business-strike Morgan dollars. Proof examples are even rarer still. Only 12 examples of the 1893-CC Morgan dollar were struck in proof, and the half-dozen remaining examples generally trade for high-five and low-six figure prices, depending on condition.

As with any 19th-century proof coin, all cameo and deep cameo proof Morgan dollars are much more challenging to find than proofs with dull surfaces. These superior proof Morgan dollars can command premiums well over stated prices for more typical examples.

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