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Modern Commem Sets

Since soon after the inception of the modern commemorative series in 1982, the US Mint has issued numerous sets of uncirculated commemorative coins. These sets typically include one or more combinations of uncirculated half dollars, silver dollars, $5 gold coins, or other coins as they relate to a particular program?s offering. In many cases, the uncirculated sets for a given program are scarcer than the proof version of the same set, as it worked out that demand for the proof sets was often far higher than for the complementary uncirculated sets.

Many modern commemorative sets have been broken up in recent years as numismatists submit coins to third-party coin grading companies. Thus, the remaining number of nice sets in pristine, original government holders is getting smaller by the year. Some collectors and dealers pay small premiums for complete MS modern commemorative sets in clean, crisp packaging. Regardless, the value of these sets is still in the coins themselves, which in many cases are remarkably nice and thus present ripe opportunities for submission of individual pieces to third-party coin graders.

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