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Classic Head Half Cents (Proof)

Proof Half Cents were struck from 1831 through 1857, at which point the denomination came to an end. Minting of Half Cents began in 1793. Yet, proof production did not commence until 1831, reason being that the U.S. Mint did not have the capability of producing workable proof dies until after 1830. This applies to all American Numismatic series. All Proof Half Cents are considered extremely rare; although, they seem to grab the interest of just a very specific and arguably small sector of collectors. All issues, both originals and restrikes, come from miniscule mintages with many dates at barely thirty originally produced. Like many proof copper coins, these pieces come in many different surface qualities ranging from toned brown to bright red. Near-gem to lower gem grades seem to be the most popular grades and are found at auction with some rarities existing in 67 or finer holders and a few existing in the 60 to 63 range that are useful for type collectors. To no surprise, there are no cameo Proof Half Cents to be had. Overall, it is certainly an underrated and overlooked group of extremely scarce and attractive coinage that deserves more attention.

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