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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I search within a single periodical title?

Start at the advanced search page ( Enter the title (or part of the title) in the “title” field.  Enter the search phrase in the “search” box.  Example: enter “Numismatist” in the title field, and “Philpott” in the search field. NNP (as of 10/2017) returns 204 search results. 

How do I search the auction catalogs of a specific firm?

On the advanced search page, select "auction catalogs" in the content type box, enter the firm name in the "publisher" field, and the search term in the "search" field.  The auction house names supported are listed on the page

How do I increase the size of the document viewer?

The best option is to switch to full screen mode. In the bottom right corner of the viewer, to the left of the arrows, is a full screen icon.  

How do I download a PDF?

First, switch to full screen mode (use full screen icon at bottom right hand corner of the viewer).  Once in full screen mode, use the "PDF/ePUB" link at the top of the viewer. Click on this and it will give you the option to download in PDF or in other formats.

How do I print a document?

Download the PDF version as noted above, open it, and then use ctrl + P within the PDF (Acrobat) viewer.

How can I contribute to the Newman Portal?

Contact the Newman Portal coordinator at We are especially interested in rare, unique or manuscript materials that are not present in the libraries to which we already have access. If you represent an organization that wishes to contribute in-copyright content to the Newman Portal, please contact us.

Does the Newman Portal include ancient and world numismatics?

The Newman Portal is focused on American numismatics, but will include foreign and world content as it is contributed. Among the organizations contributing such content are Numismatics International and the Armenian Numismatic Society. Harlan Berk, a dealer in ancient coins, has contributed all of their auction catalogs to the Newman Portal.

How is the Newman Portal funded?

The Newman Numismatic Portal is funded through a grant from the Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society (EPNNES) and administered through Washington University in St. Louis.  In November 2014, EPNNES made a 4-year, $2 million grant to Washington University for the purpose of developing the Newman Portal. This grant was renewed in 2019.

Where is the Newman Portal operated?

The Newman Portal has a scanning center at Olin Library at Washington University, and in addition sponsors scanning (performed by Internet Archive) at the American Numismatic Society in New York.

How do I find an auction catalog?

From the home page, select "library", then "auction companies" from the drop down list. From there, scroll down to the auction company of interest and select the link. The sales of this firm will then be listed. As of October 2019, over 8,000 auction catalogs have been scanned, and this number is constantly growing. If you are looking for a catalog not yet available, please email

How do I research a particular topic?

Enter the topic into the search box at the top ribbon ("Enter search text...."). Note, searches are for exact text matches only, so quote marks are not necessary. In general, try to use a short phrase that is uniquely associated with the topic of interest.

How do I access auction prices realized for a specific coin?

The NNP Encyclopedia (select from the front page) can be used to access over two million auction prices realized of U.S. coins. From the Encyclopedia landing page, select the denomination and series of interest, and then the date / mintmark. This database is compiled from auction sales conducted by Akers, ANR, David Lawrence, Goldberg, Heritage, RARCOA, Stack's/Bowers, Superior, and Teletrade and includes auction sales from the 1990s and up. 

Who can I contact for support?

Please email support issues to

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