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Moritz Furst


Born in Bosing near Presburg, Hungary, now Bratislavia, Yugoslavia. Studied die sinking in Vienna. He was recruited by the American consul, Thomas Appelton, to come work for the U. S. Mint. He arrived in Philadelphia in 1808. He discovered there was no job waiting for him. He established his own business as die sinker and seal engraver in Philadelphia. He executed medals for the heroes of the War of 1812. He moved to New York City about 1830. Returned to Europe in 1841. (P-F gives date of death as 1834)

He designed or engraved the following medals:

American Academy of Arts and Sci (Julian AM-1)

Major General Jacob Brown (Julian MI-11)

Colonel George Crogan (Julian MI-12)

Major General Edmund P. Gaines (Julian MI-13)

Major Gen William Henry Harrison (Julian MI-14)

Major General Andrew Jackson (Julian MI-15)

Major General Alexander Macomb (Julian MI-16)

Brigadier General James Miller (Julian MI-17)

Major General Peter B. Porter (Julian MI-18)

Brigadier Gen Eleazor W. Ripley (Julian MI-19)

Major General Winfield Scott (Julian MI-20)

Governor Isaac Shelby (Julian MI-21)

Alexander Hamilton (Julian MT-24)

Captain William Bainbridge (Julian NA-4)

Captain James Biddle (Julian NA-5) Captain Johnston Blakely (Julian NA-6)

Lieutenant William Burrows (Julian NA-7)

Lieutenant Stephen Cassin (Julian NA-8)

Captain Stephen Decatur, Jr. (Julian NA-9)

Master Commandant Jesse Elliott (Julian NA-10)

Lieutenant Robert Henley (Julian NA-11)

Captain Jacob Jones (Julian NA-13)

Captain James Lawrence (Julian NA-14)

Master Commandant Thomas Macdonough (Julian NA-15)

Lieutenant Edward R. McCall (Julian NA-16)

Master Commandant Oliver H. Perry (Julian NA- 17, 18, 19, 20, 21)

Captain Charles Stewart (Julian NA-22)

Captain Lewis Warrington (Julian NA-23)

Doctor David Hosack (Julian PE-15)

Benjamin Rush (Julian PE-30, 31)

James Madison (Julian PR-3)

James Monroe (Julian PR-4)

John Quincy Adams (Julian PR-5)

Furst designed the obverses of these medals:  

John Adams Indian Peace Medal (Julian IP-1)

James Monroe Indian Peace Medal (Julian IP-8, 9, 10)

John Quincy Adams Indian Peace Medal (Julian IP-11, 12, 13)

Andrew Jackson Indian Peace Medal (Julian IP-14,15,16)

Martin Van Buren Indian Peace Medal (Julian IP-17,18,19)

William Henry Harrison Indian Peace (Julian IP-20)

Adam Eckfeldt (Julian MT-18)

Martin Van Buren (Julian PR-6)

bio: Fielding; Loubat; NYHSD (*states that he returned to Europe by November 1841); P-F (*gives DOD as 1834); Stauffer; WWWA-H see: NUM 67 Jun 1954 page 588-59

Source credit: Pete Smith, American Numismatic Biographies


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