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Born in South Norwalk, Connecticut. Married to Olga Eleanor Louise Osterholm April 25, 1917. (She died on July 29, 1976.) They had no children. He was employed as a bank teller 1901 to 1912 with the City National Bank of South Norwalk. He was a member of the Sons of the Revolution based on five ancestors who served during the Revolutionary War. He was also a member of the Masons. 

Raymond joined the ANA in 1902 at age 16. He failed in an attempt to form a partnership with B. Max Mehl. He issued a few fixed price lists 1908 to 1911. Raymond was a partner with Elmer Sears in the United States Coin Company. They conducted 43 auction sales from 1912 to 1918. With James G. Macallister as cataloguer in the company of J. C. Morgenthau, conducted over 50 auction sales from 1932 to 1945. He conducted 69 auction sales under his own name from 1908 to 1950. Raymond was a dealer with the Scott Stamp and Coin Company between 1934 and 1946. He handled many important clients such as Colonel Green. The firm was turned over to New Netherlands when Wormser returned from the Navy. From 1946 to 1956 he had offices on Madison Avenue. Raymond employed such important numismatists as John J. Ford, Walter Breen, Stuart Mosher and Richard Kenney. 

Raymond was not content just to supply coins on demand. He was a leader in the concept of creating the demand for his coins. In 1930 he bought the patents for the Beistle coin holders and began to produce his line of National Coin Albums and pages to hold collections. His publications occasionally followed his acquisition of significant holdings in those areas. In 1957 Alan W. Faxon became sole distributor of the National Coin Albums. After his death in 1960, distribution was handled by Mrs. Faxon. 

Raymond published the Coin and Medal Bulletin from 1924 to 1933. He published the Coin Collector's Journal from April 1934 to 1954. He published Coin Topics 1936 to 1940. 

Raymond published the Coin Collector's Series (CCS) of monographs. The last issues of the Coin Collector's Journal (CCJ) were monographs in a similar format. 

Raymond wrote several books and monographs. 

United States Gold Coins of the Philadelphia and Branch Mints in 1928. Ten leather bound copies were sold at $15 each. One hundred copies bound in maroon cloth sold for $5 each. Nine hundred paper covered copies were sold at $1 each. 

Private Gold Coins Struck in the United States, 1830-1861 (1931) One hundred numbered and autographed copies bound in full morocco were sold for $5.00 each. Price of the standard isue was $1.00. 

Standard Catalogue of United States Silver and Copper Coins (1932) offered for $.25 each. 

United States Copper Coins (1931) offered in paper cover for $1.00. A special cloth bound edition was offered at $3.00. 

United States Notes 1861-1923 (1933). 

Silver Coins of the United States Mints (1933) sold for $.50. 

U. S. Coins and Currency A hardbound collection of five earlier monographs. 

Premium Values of Rare United States Coins (1933). 

Standard Catalogue of United States Coins and Currency (1934), cloth bound edition sold at $2.50. 

Standard Catalogue of Early American Coins 1652-1796 (1933) sold for $.25 each. 

Standard Premium List of All Rare United States and Early American Coins (1936) offered for $.50.

Spanish American Gold Coins (1936) offered @ $2.50. 

Early New York City and State Merchant's Tokens, 1789-1850 (1936) offered at $.50. 

Ancient Coins Greek, Roman and Byzantine Guide and Price List (1936). 

The Gold Coins of North and South America (1937). 

Coins and Tokens of Canada (1937) sold for $.50. 

Curious Coins of China and Siam, Burma, Japan, Africa and Other Countries (1937). 

Coins of the World: 20th Century Issues (1938) in five editions. 

The Silver Dollars of North and South America (1939) reprinted in 1964. 

Standard Catalogue of United States Coins and Tokens (1940) @ $2.50. 

Standard Catalogue of Paper Money (1940). 

The Coins of Mexico in Silver and Copper, 1536-1939 (1940). 

The Early Medals of Washington, 1776-1834 (1941) CCS #4. 

The Coins of Central America, Silver and Copper, 1824-1940 (1941) CCS #5. 

The Silver Crowns of Great Britain and Ireland (1941) CCS #6. 

The Coins of South America in Silver and Copper (1942) CCS #9. 

The Coins of the West Indies, Silver and Copper (1942) CCS #10. 

The Silver and Minor Coins of North and South America Exclusive of the United States (1943), a hardbound collection of five earlier monographs. 

Standard Type List of United States Coins (1944). 

Coins of the World: 19th Century Issues (1947) in 2 editions. 

Guide to Ancient Coins (1950) CCS #11. 

The Coins of King George the Sixth (1952) CCJ #142. 

The Coins of Portugal and Colonies 1901-1951 (1952) CCJ #143. 

Modern Coins of Belgium and Belgium Congo (1953) CCJ #151. 

Coins of Netherlands and Colonies from 1890-1953 (1953) CCJ #152. 

The J. Pierpont Morgan Collection; Catalogue of the Greek and Roman Coins Abukir Medallions; Roman Gold Bar (1953). 

Great Britain & Ireland and British Colonies in Europe (1955). 

British Colonies in Africa: Union of South Africa; Independent African Countries (1955). 

East India Co: British India; Native Indian States (1955). 

British Colonies and Dominions in Asia and the Pacific (1955). 

The Standard Paper Money Catalogue (1954-55). 

France and Colonies (1956). 

Spain: Spanish American Mints: Filipinas (1956). 

Commemorative Half Dollars. 

Raymond edited and published The Standard Catalogue of United States Coins in annual editions from 1934 to 1957. John J. Ford was listed as associate editor and Walter Breen as researcher. Raymond also published works by other authors such as Breen, Kenney, Lloyd and Newman. Raymond financed the research of Walter Breen in the National Archives. 

Raymond published these works by other authors: 

The Early Quarter Dollars of the United States, 1796-1838 by Ard W. Browning (1925). 

Royal Greek Portrait Coins by Edward T. Newell (1937). 

The Coinage of Ethiopia by Howland Wood (1937). 

United States Commemorative Coins 1892-1939 by Stuart Mosher CCS #1 in three editions. 

The Coins of Mexico in Silver and Copper 1536-1939 by Stuart Mosher (1940) CCS #2. 

The Silver Ecus of France from Louis XIII to the Third Republic, 1642-1936 by Stuart Mosher (1940) CCS #3. 

Standard Ptolemaic Silver by Edward T. Newell (1941) CCS #7. 

The United States Cents by George H. Clapp (1941) CCS #8. 

State Bank Notes, A Reference List with Identifications of Historical Interest by John \Muscalus (1942). 

Struck Copies of Early American Coins by Richard D. Kenney (1952) CCJ #141. 

The 1776 Continental Currency Coinage and Varieties of the Fugio Cent by Eric P. Newman (1952) CCJ #144. 

The Modern Coinage of Kutch by William L. Clark (1952) CCJ #145. 

National Bank Notes, Federal Reserve Bank Notes, Federal Reserve Notes, 1928-1950 by Robert H. Lloyd (1953) CCJ #147. 

Proof Coins Struck by the United States Mint, 1817-1921 by Walter Breen (1953) CCJ #148-149. 

So-Called Dollars by Richard D. Kenney (1953) CCJ #150. 

Early American Medalists and Die Sinkers, Prior to the Civil War by Richard D. Kenney (1954) CCJ #153. 

The United States Patterns of 1792 by Breen (1954) CCJ #154. 

United States Minor Coinages, 1793-1916 by Breen (1954) CCJ #155. 

The Lima Pieces of George II of England by Robert I. Nesmith (1954) CCJ #156. 

The Secret History of the Gobrecht Coinages, 1836-1840 by Walter Breen (1954) CCJ #157-158. 

After the death of Raymond, two more monographs were published by John J. Ford: 

Silver Coinage of the Philadelphia Mint, 1794-1916 by Walter Breen (1958) CCJ #159. 

United States Half Dimes: A Supplement by Breen (1958) CCJ #160. 

Raymond was a charter member of the New York Numismatic Club. He died in a hospital in New York City. In 1969 he was elected to the ANA Numismatic Hall of Fame. In 2010 he was inducted into the PCGS CoinFacts Coin Dealer Hall of Fame. 

bio: Adams II (photo); NCAB 42 (photo) 
obit: NYT 9/24/56; NUM 69 Nov 1956 p 1230; ANAHist 855 
profile: NUM 70 Feb 1957 p 157-161 photo 


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    Wayte Raymond Collection Inventory 1957

    Wayte Raymond Collection Inventory

    Inventory of the Wayte Raymond collection purchased by F. C. C. Boyd in 1957. Includes colonial paper money, medal, and U.S federal and commemorative coinage.

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