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Other Works by Coin Designers


Multi-Media Summary

Ray Herz is a coin researcher who makes regular presentations at coin conventions. Many coin designers were artists who created other works of art. In this well researched presentation you will hear and see about: * Augustus St. Gaudens; his coins, medals, sculptures and monuments * Daniel Chester French who produced medals and sculptures and no coins but whose works inspired the 1925 Lexington-Concord commemorative half dollar * John Flanagan who designed the Washington quarter and was a prolific medalist, his tributes to other artists, clock and sculptures Herman Atkins MacNeil who created the Standing Liberty quarter and this beautiful medals and sculptures * Bela Lyon Pratt designer of the Indian $2.5 and $5 gold piece and his medals, building facades and sculputres * Adolph Alexander Weinman designer of the Mercury dime and Walking Liberty half, medals and sculptures * Victor David Brenner who designed the Lincoln cent, many medals, the Lincoln plaque, sculpture * Charles Keck and the Panama -Pacific $1 gold, Vermont and Lynchburg commemorative half, * James Earle Fraser who designed the Buffalo nickel and co-created the Oregon Trail commemorative half, medals, plaques * Robert Ingersoll Aitken designer of the Pan-Pac $50 gold, Missouri Centennial, and San Diego commemorative half, medals, sculptures * Chester Beach who designed the Monroe Doctrine commemorative half, Lexington, Hawaiin, Hudson commemorative half, medals, sculptures, fountains * Anthony de Francisci who designed the Maine commemorative half, Peace dollar, plaques, medals * Laura Gardin Fraser who designed the Alabama, Grant, Ft. Vancouver, and co-created the Oregon Trail commemorative half, medals and sculptures Speaker: Ray Herz.
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